Alternative, environmentally friendly, permit-free, affordable, off-the-grid housing.

My name is Rich Richardson I am an artist, arts consultant, and co-founder of Chinatown Artists Lofts, First Friday Honolulu, and The ARTS at Marks Garage. I was named 1 of 6 people Making a Difference in Honolulu Magazine November, 2013 and I am now building tiny homes in Honolulu.

This Tiny House on Wheels is a Plantation Style Shepard's Hut.

The Quonset Hut curve of the corrugated roof provides a high-arched ceiling. The foundation is a rugged street-legal trailer from Texas. The interior is minimalist with a reclaimed old-growth wood floor.

It’s off-grid ready, with solar power, rainwater catchment, composting toilet, and a hand-powered washing machine. Propane fuels the stove, refrigerator/freezer and the on-demand hot water heater for the shower. The sofa also serves as a single or double bed and has ample storage underneath.

It measures 18 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and has 140 square feet of interior space. A lanai and awning fold out from the double French doors forming a bridge to the outdoors.

I am building now, mostly by hand, by myself to International Building Code. This is the first of many. There is an incredible demand for alternative housing in Hawaii. “House Trailers” as they are called here, are regulated by the DMV not the Department of Permitting and Planning and are legal on any piece of private property you have permission to park.

I am located in Kalihi Valley, a tropical rainforest 15 minutes from Downtown Honolulu, if you would like to take a tour. It's a super-fun project and I am lucky everyone loves the look of it.

Let me know and I can send more pictures and information.